Monday, May 26, 2008

More New MAARC Blog Info

As you get used to the new MAARC website you may notice it loading v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y on your computer. This is due to the large number of Google maps currently being displayed on the home page. As more new postings appear, these maps will move off the home page and things will speed up considerably. The maps will continue to exist, however to access them you will just click the appropriate link in the left sidebar.

I know the Alfisti love all things fast & quick - thanks for your patience!

1 comment:

bmyork said...

I just found your site. My husband and I live in Winston-Salem, NC and have a 1981 Alfa Romeo Spider we are trying to restore (for longer than I'd like to admit!) This is not an easy job for just the two of us. We could REALLY use some advise from others who know more than us! At this point, the entire car is stripped down, engine, interior, everything. It ran before we started this project (rough, but it ran). We are hopeful to get it running again after painting it. We have the 81 to restore and an 82 for extra parts. I'd love it if someone would contact me with information on how to meet you guys and pick your brains!

Barbara York