Friday, February 27, 2009

Small Bore Driving School, 16-17 May 2009

For 2009, we are back again with one of our most popular events, our Small Bore Driving School, held in conjunctions with a Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) race weekend. The Alfa Club is known for its trademark " laid back pasta eaters" approach to driving schools. The VSCCA drivers bring their own laid back approach to motorsports with their fleet of interesting old sports and racecars. As in past years, the two clubs share the track. The Alfa Club conducts a driving school that is interspersed with the Vintage Club's practice, qualifying and race sessions.
This year, the VSCCA will be coming back in full strength after a successful event last year and with the added attraction of our return to VIR's North Course. We will have half the track time and the VSCCA will have the other half. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to offer a novice run group, but will run only intermediate and advanced groups. Participants should have two or more previous track events. (For questions on this, Call or write Steve Margolis 919-785-0220 or

Two years ago, we pioneered our small-bore theme to a very enthusiastic group of participants. In response to concerns that we'd been hearing from some of our participants, we created our small-bore school, which limits the student run-groups to cars with nominal displacements at or under 3.5 liters. Although some of our best friends drive cars with big motors, the displacement limit keeps the run groups just a bit mor homogeneous, reducing speed differentials, particularly at the ends of the long straightaways. (Please note that there is no displacement limitation for the instructor cars.)

This format aims to return us to the tenor of our early schools, where the grids were predominantly made up of Alfas and other small bore cars. So bring your old Alfas, Porsches, BMWs and Datsuns. Bring your new Minis, Miatas (OK, MX-5's), and Z-cars. Bring them all and come mix it up in the paddock with an eclectic mix of vintage racing cars. Join us too for the Saturday evening banquet. (Again this year we've made the banquet optional in an effort to keep costs down for the basic event.)

  • Early Registration (by May 3, 2009):
    Non-member Student $330.00Member Student $315.00 (AROC, Tarheel Sports Car Club & Triangle Z Club)
  • Late Registration (after May 3, 2009):
    Non-member Student $350.00Member Student $335.00 (AROC, Tarheel Sports Car Club & Triangle Z Club)
  • Saturday Evening Banquet (Optional): $25 per person



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