Monday, May 04, 2009

How to read those collector car ads



One owner


Ideal for enthusiast

Total restoration needed

Mechanic's Special

Needs major overhaul

Good mechanics

Bad body

Good body

Bad Mechanics

Marriage forces sale

It can be done in a Spider, they did, and must get married

Stored two years

Engine seized, small maple growing through chassis

No dealers

No body knows anything about these cars

Collector's item

Price is over-inflated

Good tires

That's all that is good about it

Excellent condition

Buyer beware

Divorce forces sale

Spent more time and money on car than wife

Company car forces sale

I've got a better job and getting a decent car

Baby forces sale

Can't pour any more money into this thing

House forces sale

Neighbors complaining

In need of total restoration

In pieces

Lack of time forces sale

Spent more time than it's worth

Dismantled for restoration

I can't put it back together

Slight accident damage

Total write off

OBO (or best offer)

I may come down 50 bucks


I haven't the nerve to put a price on the car

Daily Driver

High mileage and million things need fixn'

Genuine mileage

Disconnected speedo-cable

Good driver

Looks terrible

Runs strong

same as above

Owned by lil' old lady

from Pasadena

Will bargain

I'll get mad, you won't buy the car and I'll hit you

Will consider trade

Anything to get out from under this dog

Some rust

You can brake like Fred Flintstone

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