Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Highlands Tour - 12-15 August

Kevin Harper has sent out details on this year's Highlands Tour - always a top notch event so don't miss out!

The Highlands (NC) Tour

Hi, Here is the agenda for the Highlands tour. There is still room for a few more people to join us. If you do I must give you the following warning. This trip will be very bad for your diet. The drives are spectacular and it will get your heart beating faster, so make sure your ticker is in good order, also make sure your brakes and tires are in good order. The views are great, and more importantly if you are your significant other is in need of retail therapy you will come back with less cash.

So here is the agenda

Thursday the 12th
Arrive – No real plans but we are going to have dinner at the “Rib Shack” at around 7pm.

Friday the 13th – yes it is Friday the 13th and hopefully it will be lucky for us.
Eat a very light breakfast if you need to, but not to much.
10am get ready for the drive, leave around 10:15
Lunch around 12:30 at Café Rel in Franklin, NC. The owner chef is a Porsche 356 nut so give him a little ribbing.
A few notes on Café Rel, It is small, it is connect to a gas station, and does not take reservations or credit cards. We will probably have to wait for a table and we will probably be split up. Yes, it is worth the hassle just bring cash.
2pm afternoon drive –
6:30 Dinner at Cyprus

Saturday the 14th the long drive.
This will be the longest day drive, but have a light breakfast.
Leave around 9:30.
Wine tour and waterfall before lunch
Lunch in Clayton Georgia, at Rumour hazit
Drive the boring part through SC.
0.5 mile hike to see waterfall.
Back in Highlands and by around 4:30.
6 PM Dinner at Ristorante Paoletti

Sunday the 15th Drive to Lake Lure
Leave around 10 and drive up to Lake Lure.
Lunch at La Strada in Lake lure.
Stop at Gem store afterwards.
Go home.

Well that is it, throw in a night at the ugly dog bar and perhaps a few other items and you have a complete weekend.

I do have the following people going, if you are going and you are not on the list let me know so I can confirm reservations. If you want to go let me know by Wed the 11th so everything in order.

Highlands tour
Rick Reynolds - Wife
Skip Patnode
Bert Neeley
Roger Goodfellow Stringback Group
Kevin Harper -Barrie
Jay Maveety - Susan
Bob Vennard - Wife

The Hotels
Three hotels to choose from
Mitchell’s lodge http://www.mitchellslodge.com/ 1-800-522-9874
The main base of operation will be at the Mitchell’s lodge, and all drives will start from here. The Mitchell is rather small so it may fill up before hand.

The alternates
Hampton Inn – It is basically right across the street from the Mitchell.
Old Edwards Inn - If you or your significant other want to stay in an upscale place I would highly recommend the Old Edwards Inn, more on this later.

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