Saturday, November 06, 2010

OBX XMAS Reminder - December 4th, 2010

Alfisiti -

Our annual holiday party is less than a month away. Don't forget to make your room reservations now as it is the only real way we can get a head count for the caterer.

Here is the phone number for Elizabethan Inn in Manteo: 800-346-2466 or 252-473-2101. Please tell them you are with the Alfa Romeo Group - not only will you get the $54.99 rate, but we will be able to get a head count and have a **free dinner** prepared just for you!

For those who want to do some sightseeing Saturday morning, I will post some points of interest in the Manteo - Outer Banks area. We will also have a group drive to do lunch and a couple of the stops. This will be a very laid back pasta eaters type event - stay tuned for details!



The menu for our dinner in Manteo will feature the following dishes, prepared by the same excellent caterer (Cheryl Perry) as last year.

Antipasti Salad Platter--Garden lettuce surrounded by bowls of juliene cured meats & cheeses with marinated & pickled veggies. Served with olive oil & roasted red pepper vinagrette.

Slow Braised Cider Pork Loin w/Apples & Leeks--Whole pork loin brined in apple cider then braised slowly until tender. Served on a bed of apple/leek ragu.

Steak Pizzaiola--Last years favorite! Beef steak lightly pounded and tenderized, then stuffed with spinach & garlic and rolled up; simmered and served ina red wine sauce.

Pasta--Farfalle w/Walnuts, Brown butter & Sage--Butter slowly browned until it takes on a nutty flavor, tossed with bow-tie pasta, toasted walnuts and fresh sage. Simple & perfect accompaniment for our entrees.

Side Dish--Roasted Winter Vegetables--Seansoned turnips, carrots, squash etc. oven roasted and dressed with a drizzle of olive oil

Dessert--Whatever the Alfa Babes bring for us!

Also, for people staying Friday night we will meet in the lobby of the Elizabethan Inn at 7PM to leave for our dinner out. Ron Weddle has outdone himself again this year, and promises an evening of fine culinary entertainment!

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