Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car Guys latest breakfast spot Doc Taylor's

Looks like change in plans no Cars and Coffee venue this month but this just in from my bud Larry another car guy:

"Some of us are meeting at Doc Taylor's for breakfast tomorrow at 10 a.m. Located at 207 23rd Street. See you there! No need to drive your collector car since there is limited parking. [Right next door is Tautogs]:
Here is the link to photos of the Cars & Coffee. Next event: 1/8 @ 8 a.m. See my 164 engine page 4 top left photo and Jim's GTV just below it and Larry's red 512BB pix all through the picture pages

Don't be shy; if your car is special to you, it is special to us!

Share this with your car friends and have them reply to me if they want to be included on the list. So if you are a true car lover who appreciates the unique features of all the Marques, bring yours to share and enjoy!

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