Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alfisto Steve Rambles On

I know it really rained on our wine tour parade this year but, I hope all who were in attendance enjoyed our 16th wine tour as much as I did. My hat's off to all who made it such a smashing success. Many thanks again for all the hard work and time that Dave and Debbie and Betsy and Robin and oh you too Skip have put into these annual tours.

The English Inn staff always comes through for us to enjoy our stay there. Tom Packett and all the folks at IAP made our annual pilgrimage to their parts Mecca another highlight of the weekend, too.

Raining as it did made our first stop at the Glass House Winery really neat as we got to taste wine and enjoy our lunch inside their tropical plant green house. Really nice venue. Driving through the rain to DuCard winery was a nice relaxing drive for me with Skip as navigator. Towards the end of drive when we had to ford the stream running across the road had me a little worried for the return to hotel trip but the rain quit just a we were leaving and the rushing waters across the roads in several places were minor in nature.

I hope Sunday's drive and winery visit was a nice event, too. I opted to make a speed run down I-81 to Christainsburg/Blacksburg area to visit Jim and Anita Wehler and Don and Ev Melia. I went to also service Jim's A/C system on his 164. All of us had a nice visit and cook out at Jim's place.

Monday I drove home and stopped at Natural Bridge for a sightsee I had never done before. Pretty impressive Natural Wonder of the world. Even more wonderful was Route 130 from Natural Bridge across the Blue Ridge to US-29. This is one Alfa Road with twisties to drive for and a view down into the valley along the James River that is spectacular.

I post some pictures here:

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