Wednesday, November 09, 2011

1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

Found this on Hemmings:

1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000


Body Style: 
2000   Condition: Mint   Interior: Red   Exterior: Black 

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, United States
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1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000, Recent restoration, with 2011 bare metal repaint to Ferrari quality standards. Everything is new or like new, including the interior, Alfa alloy wheels, black canvas soft top and chrome. Car has been restored to European standards including dual webers, covered headlights, small side markers, lighter bumpers and headers. Engine compartment highly detailed for show. Drive this car as a daily driver or collect trophies at all shows.
For years, the mechanically identical 2000 GTV has sold in the mid- $ 20K range for well restored cars. Now collectors are realizing the roadster 2000 Spider should be in the same range, but very few cars have been restored to these levels. This is one of those few cars. This car also has the advantage of dual webers versus the finicky SPICA mechanical injection, with the performance gains as well.
The paint job on this car is truly flawless. It would cost over $ 12K to get a comparable paint job on such a car. Fortunately I own my own restoration shop with a full-time 30-year experience painter.
The stereo system is not stock, but is top-of-the line, and includes powerful speakers and remote control.


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