Monday, February 20, 2012

Track DAZE at VIR

Just got this in from First Settlers Porche Club: Subj: FSR Spring 2012 Drivers Ed At VIR Please join us for our Spring 2012 Drivers Education (DE) at VIR in Alton, VA on May 18-20. We will be running the Full Course all three days. This event is open to any driver 18 and over with a valid US-issued driver's license and with any make/model of car. Please bring your driver's license with you to registration. An instructor will be assigned to Green and Blue Group drivers and there will be daily classroom sessions for these groups. If you are signing up as an Intermediate Solo or Advanced driver, you will be asked for references if you have not run with FSR before. Registration Fees: Drivers: $399, Instructors: $125.00 Registration is now open. To register please visit our registration page: Are you new to DE and on the fence about whether Driver’s Education is for you? Sign up for our DE INTRO! For a $50 fee, we’ll get you out on the track in your car with an instructor for a single session mid-day on Saturday. Standard DE safety requirements apply, so you’ll need a Snell SA rated helmet. We'll see you there! First Settlers Region Porsche Club of America

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