Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roebling Road Driver Ed Event May 5-6

Email from Jackie Frant:

I know that not all Alfa owners dream of their car being concours only
- but some actually like to do track events. I have such an event - we
are an all-marque friendly kind of outfit...

I've rented Roebling Road Raceway for the weekend of May 5-6, 2012.
This is our 11th year of putting on Driver Eds. We do them in the
style of Porsche Club - with some very obvious differences. We allow
16 and up in as long as they have a valid driving license from the
state they live in. We have Taste of the Track - a way for people to
experience being on the track without driving themselves... and things
like that.

The registration is open - it's at www.clubregistration.net
Questions can be answered by going to www.darksidede.com - or just
feel free to contact me and I'll give you the lowdown.
Thank you for your consideration,

PS - it's 5 run groups -
Green - novice
Blue - still with an instructor getting more seat time
White - in need of seat time
Black - our track junkies
Red our instructors
If you want more info - please contact me.
If you want a way to write it up:

Dark Side Driver Ed
Roebling Road Raceway (near Savannah, GA)
May 5-6, 2012
Registration: www.clubregistration.net
All-marques welcome

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