Friday, April 27, 2012

My Friend Matteo's Red 164S for Sale in NC

Matteo is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina please feel free to contact him if you know of anyone who might want a 164S. Further points of info: Before I sold it to him, I had some of the driver's seat leather replaced, gas tank cleaned, replaced fuel pump, replaced clutch slave and hose, rebuilt shifting linkage and made car driveable. Engine loses oil pressure and knocks once warmed up. He has complete spare engine from his crushed 164S to put in it. I sold him this car after that September Storm couple years ago laid a neighbor's big tree on top of his own 164S and crushed it. In a message dated 4/26/2012 10:44:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: Hey Steve, This is Matteo. I have not gotten the chance to talk to you lately because I have been really busy with some pretty major stuff here at home. I wanted to touch base with you to see if by any chance you would either know someone, or be interested yourself in purchasing the 164 you sold me a year ago. I have the spare engine and transmission (which has nothing wrong with) to go with it. I was going to work on this car and had begun huge plans for it, but due to some pretty sad stuff I may have to sell it. What is happening is that I am moving to Salt Lake City here in about twenty days, and I am not sure I can tow all this stuff cross country for 2300 miles. I was going to bring the engine and transmission with me and later ship the car, but thinking about the whole thing it frankly sounds a but overwhelming. If you know someone who may be interested please let me know. I also have a full gasket set and regular+ oversize rod bearings which I had purchased with the intention to actually refresh the good engine whilst it was out of the car before putting it in. I was going to give you the old one back, so I figured I would make mine perfect before putting it in. Also I got sets of new valve guides and seals, a ton of extra parts. It is a lot, but maybe if I could get a good price for the whole thing, I could let all of it go so someone would be able to put together a darn nice S. Anyway, I thought I would ask. If you do not know anyone that is ok also, I wanted to thank you for always being kind to me and helpful, and wanted to extend a final farewell before taking off to go out West. Best Matteo

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James said...

I need particulars: how much, good description, what is for sale, pictures, location, shipping yes/no.