Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two items for review- and dinner meeting

Rick and I have been kicking around a couple changes we hope the Alfa faithful might be receptive to trying out. 1. Since both he and I missed our last dinner date with you partially due to my own fault for not remembering to remember to post a reminder on the blog, Rick has suggested we use Meetup for listing and reminding us of all our MAARC events. He is already using it for our F1 breakfast reminders at Because of the site, Rick and Andy have joined the Friends of Italy dining group They have their next dinner [brunch buffet] planned for June 2 and then a bus trip to Barboursville Winery on June 9. Couple of great ideas. Hope this idea trying new Italian Restaurants sparks interest within the ranks of the Laid Back Pasta Eaters. 2. Now while we are on the subject of dining out we would like to propose trying out the $10 a Bottle Monday Night dining out for our next MAARC HRAC branch Monday meeting June 18 at Manninos Bistro near Chic's Beach at Pleasure House Rd. It is located just around the corner from our old F1 location the Brass Bell near North Hampton Blvd US-13 North Mary Lee and I as well as Rick and Andy have eaten at this Bistro. Nice location and fairly easy to access off US-13 for our northern brethren. Ciao

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