Sunday, October 27, 2013

MAARC nominating committee has spoken, please take note of it's nominations

Fellow Alfisti,
As the unofficial and self appointed chairperson of the non-existant MAARC nominations committee, I would like to nominate the following Alfisti for high office in 2014.


President: Kevin Harper

Kevin has been active in the western Carolina region of MAARC for many years. He was the guiding force behind and newsletter writer/editor for several years for our sister club, Corsa Rossa.  Recently he organized a couple of very successful MAARC sanctioned Alfa tours. Most importantly he has more Alfas than he can count and some of them run! Maybe his most important qualification is that he would actually like to be our President!

Vice President: Rick Triebwasser

Rick has been a former successful President of our motley crew. There are limited duties for this position, so his main function will be to act as a liaison for our large member contingent in the Virginia Beach area.

He is currently organizing our Xmas party in Manteo--so we should probably go ahead and elect him.

Secretary: Jay Maveety

Jay has been our western region coordinator and will continue to wear this hat. He  organized MAARC's Beer Tour this last spring. Wonderful mountain roads and craft brewed beer (in small amounts) provided an experience the large number of Alfisti who attended will not soon forget. Also he has two very cool Alfas--one of which he vintage races!  

Treasurer: Steve Margolis

Steve has done this job before. I believe he is our only member who is on the  faculty of a large university (NC State) school of economics. If you don't think he is qualified, please vote for someone else. Nancy would appreciate it.

Our other BOD positions are non-elective. Please let our current BOD members  know of your interest to serve in one of these various capacities.

I think this is a terrific slate of candidates and they have all agreed to serve if elected. See you all in Manteo!


Ron Weddle

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