Tuesday, October 06, 2009

You can knock him out, but...

Felipe Massa received conditional approval from the FIA to test in Ferrari’s 2007 F-1 car. In-season testing is banned in Formula 1, but the FIA will allow Massa to test in Maranello. He is in Italy this week to use Ferrari's simulator for the first time since suffering a fractured skull at the Hungarian Grand Prix this past July. Massa drove a kart in Brazil last week for the first time since the accident.

"The stewards have considered this matter and have decided this does not represent a breach of the in-season testing regulations," an FIA spokesman said.

A source close to Massa said he has set his sights on racing in the final Grand Prix of the season, in Abu Dhabi on 1 November. "He would like to be back for the last race but that depends on further tests with the FIA doctor," said the source.

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