Friday, May 21, 2010

AROC Convention Drive

The AROC Annual Meeting in Frederick, MD is hardly a month away. As many of you are aware, MAARC is planning a pre-convention drive that will begin on Tuesday, June 22nd and we will arrive in Frederick on Wednesday afternoon, June 25th. The rough itinerary is as follows – some fine tuning still to come, but I have routed us over some great roads.

Tuesday June 22nd
- Lunchtime Rendezvous at Cooper Vineyards, Louisa, VA (box lunches $10 each)
- Taste Cooper Vineyards Wines

- Drive back roads to Rappahannock Vineyards along scenic by-ways), Rt. 33 to Rt. 231 to Rt. 211/522 thru Sperryville to Rappahannock Vineyards.

- Taste Rappahannock Vineyards Wines

- Drive back roads to Hampton Inn Warrenton
- Dinner at restaurant in Warrenton - TBD

Wednesday June 23rd
- Breakfast/Check out

- Drive back roads through The Plains, Middleburg and Purcellville to Breaux Vineyards
- Taste Breaux Vineyards wines

- Drive to Harpers Ferry, W VA and walk around the historic town

Final leg of drive to Frederick, MD (direct and fairly short)

Decisions you will need to make:
1. Contact the Hampton Inn Warrenton if you want to reserve a room, Phone (540) 349-4200, Room rate is $107.10
2. Let me know if you want desire a box lunch at Cooper Vineyards on the 22nd. Cost is $10 each.

Dave Morris

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Jon Barry said...

I will not be able to attend the convention due to a business obligation and was wondering if anyone from the HR group of MAARC would do me a favor above and beyond the call of duty. At the convention, Shin Yoshikawa, a well known artist and car enthusiast, will be unveiling and selling a signed/numbered cutaway drawing of a Duetto commemorating the 100th celebration. The prints will go on sale, I'm told, on Thursday AM at the hotel where the celbration is headquarters. Would it be possible for someone to pick me up one? I'll be glad to arrange prior payment ($30 I'm told). More info is on the AR BB- here's the link for more info.( )

I can be reached days at 757-275-4922 for arranging details. Thanks!