Friday, May 28, 2010

FOR SALE: 1987 Milano Platinum

I purchased this 1987 Milano Platinum from the widow of an old friend, John Hertzman, last year. Many of you may have know him, as he was active in the Alfa community. Though the car only had 39,800 miles on it, I've spent over $5k sorting it out, as it had been sitting for several years and had only been driven about 2000 miles per year before that. Most aspects of the car are excellent, due to non-use. Also, due to non-use, the primary problem area was the fuel injection system. The car is now running great. I would prefer to keep it, but really want to put the money from this car into the restoration of my 73 GTV, which otherwise will have to wait. Following is the verbage from its recent listing on eBay. It didn't meet my reserve, but now I'm selling it straight out and would like to get $5500. I've driven the car daily without any problems and it now has 49,000 miles on it.

The eBay ad and attached pictures:

39,060 original miles, I am the second owner. The original owner was a friend of mine, so I know the entire history of the car. In fact, I drove him to Atlanta in 1987 to pick the car up when it was new. I have all receipts from the beginning, including original $19,480 sales receipt, no accidents, non-smoking owners, does not burn or leak oil, starts instantly. Located in central NC. Can be driven anywhere. It is my current daily driver.

Black exterior (excellent condition), gray suede interior (excellent condition), NEW: Pirelli P6s (now have 10k on them), clutch, rear motor mount, ball joints, fuel pump, ECT sensor, ignition wires, front brake pads and right front caliper, heater blower, timing belt.

Issues: Three, small rust spots: 1. Lower front of rt. rear wheel well (see photo…this is the worst spot), 2. Lower corner of left tail light, 3. Lower rear of left. rear wheel well; gas guage inaccurate; sun roof raises, but does not fully slide back; headliner is a little loose.


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