Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Highlands Tour & Culinary Delight - August 12-15, 2010

The Itinerary

Each day we will have a driving tour, and on Friday this will be split into 2 different tours returning to Highlands in the middle of the day. In the evening we will always return to the Highlands for dinner. We will also have some surprise visits that are oriented to the car enthusiast. The roads are superb, and designed for the sports car enthusiast.
Having said that we will not visit the Dragons tail this year. This is due to the crowding on the tail. We will visit roads of equal splendor, which will include places such as “The Gorge” and “war women road”. These roads offer scenic views, waterfalls and more curves than you can count.
Lunches and dinners we will dine together at some of my favorite restaurants. I do like to eat and I do like a good restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

The Hotels
Three hotels to choose from
Mitchell’s lodge 1-800-522-9874
The main base of operation will be at the Mitchell’s lodge, and all drives will start from here. The Mitchell is rather small so it may fill up before hand.

The alternates
Hampton Inn – It is basically right across the street from the Mitchell.
Old Edwards Inn - If you or your significant other want to stay in an upscale place I would highly recommend the Old Edwards Inn, more on this later.

The Highlands
The Highlands is a shopping mecca and offers a world class spa at the Old Edwards Inn (OEI). This spa got the first ever perfect score from “Conde Nast” travelers guide and you do not have to be a guest to take advantage of this. If you or your SO want to skip a driving session and be pampered for a day OEI is highly recommended.

So you want to go.
First get a reservation – preferably at the Mitchell, but you choose. Get then NOW as these places will fill up.
Next - Let me know that you are going and how many in your party – This helps in the restaurant reservations.
Finally – Let me know your driving style – If we have a large enough group it helps me sort everyone out.

The groups will be broken down as such:

Nuvolari Group – I am a direct descendent of Tazio Nuvolari and Alberto Ascari.
Roger Goodfellow String back Group – I enjoy a nice drive in the country in a nice sporty car. My speed is limited by how sick I make my significant other.
Flower group – I not only like to stop and smell the roses I like to inspect the bees.
Buddy Palumbo Group – aka Sweeper group – I enjoy a nice drive in the country, and though I am not the fastest I do possess tools, parts, skill, and compassion to fix broken chariots along the way. I always start last.


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